My friends love a wine and cheese night. To forgo ordering pizza I usually just throw together a charcuterie board. It looks brilliant and is so easy. Don't be intimidated by all the Pinterest boards and pretty pictures, it so easy.

I recommend grabbing a platter, cheese board, or a wood cutting board like the one I used here. This board has more hard cheeses than soft because I put what the guests' like best on the board. If you are throwing a party or aren't sure of the guests favourites mix hard, soft, mild and strong cheeses. Give them variety to make their own.

I like to grab a baguette and give that a cut, as well as a cracker selection to make it easy. If I have room, I will place them on the board, but that rarely happens.

Items I like to add:

  • Whole grain mustard

  • honey or fig jam

  • marinated olives

  • quince paste

Items for garnish and eating:

  • Grapes

  • Rosemary

  • Figs


  • Chorizo

  • a thinly sliced assortment of prosciutto, salami and other cured meats


  • A blue or stinky cheese

  • Manchego

  • Brie or camembert

  • English cheddar is popular here, so I usually throw one on the board

  • I personally love smoked cheese. I toss a smoked cheddar or gouda on as well

Tip: Start by placing your cheese first, then condiments in dishes. This will give you an idea of the space you need to fill to create the look of fullness on your platter. Begin placing meats and fruit to fill in the gaps.

Super easy. Serve what you like. Eat up!

Its an adventure y'all!

- Ellen

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