Homemade Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits

A bit ago I wrote about my deep and undying love of Whataburger. Now I have recently been home in Texas for the holidays with my family, which means I have gotten my annual fill of my favourite Whataburger treats. However, I still miss my beloved honey butter chicken biscuits when I am back home in the UK.

There are my homemade ones!

First, southern-style biscuits are not available in most UK supermarkets. So, just make the small but, worth it commitment to make your own.

How to make my go-to biscuits. This recipe isn't original but it is updated and slightly edited for those of you cooking in the UK.

What you need:

  • 272 grams all purpose flour

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 65 grams shortening (I can usually find Trex in the refrigerated section)

  • 125 millilitres soured cream

  • 118 millilitres lemon-lime soda (or any light coloured carbonated beverage)

  • 57 grams butter

To make:

  • Preheat the oven to 235 celsius.

  • Grab a 20 cm nonstick pan.

  • Place a small amount of butter in the pan and place it in the heated oven. Watch it to just melt, take the pan out of the oven, and swirl it around to grease the pan.

  • In a large mixing bowl combine the flour and baking powder.

  • Using a pastry cutter, add in the shortening until you reach crumb consistency.

  • Stir in the soured cream. (it will be sticky)

  • Flour a clean, flat surface. Place your dough on the floured surface, then shape it roughly to the size and shape of your pan. Take a biscuit cutter or a clean drinking glass and dip the top in flour. Then cut the dough with the cutter or glass. Make as many as the dough will allow. This is usually about 9. Place the biscuits next to each other in the buttered pan. Tip: be generous with the flour to help with the sticking.

  • Brush with more melted butter. I like salted butter for this.

  • Place in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes or until they are golden brown.

Honey Butter

This is remarkably easy. Has countless uses and is easy to play around with.

  • 113 grams butter, not melted but soft enough to easy stir.

  • Honey to taste (I usually don't even measure)

Now, just stir and taste as you go. This can be as sweet as you like it.

If you are feeling fancy you can also add cinnamon, rosemary, or jalapeño. It is a traditional compound butter so, feel free to experiment.

The fried chicken

So lets be honest here, frying chicken is MESSY. It is also a lot of work, smells, and not necessarily worth it for this recipe. If you are feeling brave and like your kitchen needs a scrub down, go for it. Go google a basic southern fried chicken recipe and have a ball. I on the other hand...cheat. I'm shameless. Both Waitrose and M&S carry perfectly delightful 'southern chicken tenders.' Admittedly, you lose some of that super crispy crunch that comes with fresh frying, but honestly these are pretty decent and only require about 10 minutes in the oven. Your house, hair, and every fabric item in your house will thank you.

Now, just assemble!

Cut your fresh biscuits in half, slather generously with honey butter, and pop a chicken tender in the middle.

That is all there is to it! I make this one pretty often and as a treat for my other wayward southerners. I hope you enjoy this treat.

It's an adventure y'all.

- Ellen

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