Otherwise pronounced as 'waterburger.' Any Texan will understand immediately what you are talking about. This cult Texan fast-food chain is legendary and in a league all its own. You wanna know who is from Texas? Yell Whataburger and watch as several people turn, then begin extolling its virtues.

I personally own a Whataburger T-shirt, Yeti cup, hat, coozie, and James Avery charm in the shape of a Whataburger cup (and a few 'stolen' table numbers). So it is safe to say I am a fan. Also, one of my crowing achievements while in university was when Whataburger official twitter account started following me. It has been down hill since then.

If you go you need to try:

  • A Whataburger with cheese. If you get it in Texas it comes with salad and mustard standard.

  • Chocolate shake. If you aren't from the US the portion sizes on the drinks will blow your mind. A small will be plenty but, I won't judge you for getting a large.

  • Fries, but only because you need to try the Fancy Ketchup. It's delicious. Just. Trust. Me.

  • Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Now, I will post my at home version for those of you won't be near one soon. But, should you find yourself in the South of the United States, google Whataburger and get ya one of these. These might be my favourite menu item. (If you are curious about the 'biscuit' part, see my previous post.)

It's an adventure y'all.

- Ellen


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